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Reduce Wastage and Increase Profit with the ClipSlip

ClipSlip®: Reduce Wastage, Increase Profit

The ClipSlip® can reduce wastage to 1-3%, compared with traditionally grown fruit, where wastage is between 5% and 30%. As the ClipSlip® can be reused up to ten times, it provides an excellent return on investment.

Designed to separate and protect growing fruit from damage, the ClipSlip® is a unique plastic clip attached to a slipsheet, fitted onto growing fruit at the bagging stage.

Totally flexible, the ClipSlip® is able to accommodate many varieties of bananas and a broad range of other fruits.

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Kilograms of Wastage by Category


In an independent field trial, bananas grown with ClipSlips® had:

  • 25 times less tip scarring (old and fresh)
  • 34% less bag rub
  • 30% less fresh handling damage
  • 23% less fresh knife cuts
  • 53% less animal damage
  • 11 times less field sap staining

In total, the fruit grown with ClipSlips® applied had 44% less wastage than traditionally grown bananas.

The ClipSlip® offers farmers many commercial and productivity benefits, including:

  • Increased yield and profit
  • Faster plantation turnover
  • Reduced production costs
  • Reduction in total labour usage costs
  • Six years' return on investment on each ClipSlip®
  • Reduced soil and water toxicity and degradation
  • Less land and water needed to grow crops
  • Fewer pesticides and chemicals

Want to know more?

Download Field Trial Summary (PDF, approx 630Kb)

Contact Global Fruit Protection

AddressPO BOX 497
Smithfield, QLD 4878
Phone0419 655 136

Global Fruit Protection is looking for plastics manufactures and suppliers specialising in the banana industry to manufacture the ClipSlip® under license to Global Fruit Protection.